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Business Process Improvement

Enhance your business processes and team performance.

Business improvement includes reengineering, continuous process improvement and total quality management. 

Change easier in organizations that embrace change where continuous improvement is a way of life. Change more challenging in organizations which have a culture of resisting change. Change involves learning new skills and sometimes is painful. They feel their current processes are OK. I as them when they made the last major change. People who are not encourage to improve stagnate and start to fear any change. The longer an organization goes without changing, they more resistant it becomes to change. Organization that resist change fall behind and may be bought out by stronger competitors or go bankrupt. The only exception was governments but even they realize they are competing on a global scale..

ISP practical methods and tools can improve your organization, speed up your business processes and reduce cycle time to deliver results to clients and customers. ISP methods and tools include: Team building with Turbo , analyzing process maps with Microsoft Project.

Completing business process improvement prior to developing an information system or deploying a package essential to gain full benefits possible from a systems deployment.

ISP offers in-house training courses and mentoring to clients. We use your business processes as case studies to make the course more relevant to participants. You can see a detailed agenda for each course by clicking on the course name in the table below:

Business Process Improvement Success Stories

ISP training sessions turn into team building sessions. Companies where ISP methods made a big difference include

Trans Canada Pipeline

Built a team of 15 people responsible for identifying reengineering opportunities in the annual budgeting systems. ISP provided a two day training course/team building session. Mission was to deliver a report of recommendations within three months. The first day we captured much background information.

The morning of the second day we created a chapter outline with the report contents. People volunteered to take responsibilities and do sections. The impromptu Executive Review by general manager could not have been more successful had I scripted it.

Computing Devices Canada

Computing Devices Canada software company with 1,000 employees in Calgary and Ottawa with a seven billion dollar contract with the Canadian military to develop communications software. Undertook a major reengineering study with senior managers to increase profit margins. Looked for consultants to provide ideas in July. At the time I was teaching a three day Reengineering course at the University of Calgary. They wanted ISP to discuss turbo brainstorming and process mapping. Using Turbo brainstorming, they identified 130 opportunities for improvement. Included in the list was implementing turbo brainstorming throughout the organization. In January, they call me back to join their team for a week. They were excited by what they had accomplished with TBS and recommended Turbo brainstorming be implemented within Computing Devices.

TransAlta Pipelines

TransAlta Pipelines also wished to improve the annual capital budgeting  processes. We mapped 65 steps including resources and effort consumption with 18 people in 3 hours. In another three hours two of us entered the process map into Microsoft Project. Process maps provide the basis for analyzing cycle time.

Canada Correctional Services

Canada corrections saved a $1million dollars per year through improving their inventory system. ISP trained and helped guide the reengineering team in reengineering processes. The reengineering effort succeeded because it was driven by a champion with a strong vision.

ISP Process Improvement courses and training

ISP provides the training to equip reengineering teams with the methods and tools to succeed. This includes:

I.S.P. training and consulting in business processes Improvement
Course TopicsSection contents
Benefits of Business Process Improvement

2 days

  1. Reduce cycle time and cost
  2. Improve customer satisfaction
  3. Design innovative products
  4. Speed business processes
  5. Reduce process costs
  6. Empower employees
Key business process improvement competencies
  • Business process mapping
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Mobilize organization for reengineering
  • Build high-performance teams
  • Launch the BPR project
  • Map business processes
  • Generate innovative alternatives
  • Design improved business processes
  • Develop reengineered systems
Identify Opportunities with Leadership and Vision
  1. Mobilize the organization for change
  2. Define business processes
  3. Create successful strategies
  4. Initate process improvement action
  5. Allocate resources
  6. Increase market share
  7. Map business processes
  8. Reduce cost
  9. Reduce cycle time
Delight customers with innovative products and services
  1. Creative Solutions with Turbo brainstorming
  2. Improve quality
  3. Reduce maintenance
  4. Improve customer satisfaction
  5. Increase market share
  6. Reduce cost
  7. Reduce cycle time
Reduce waste with Just-in-Time processes and Supplier Alliances
  1. Reduce cycle time
  2. Improve quality
  3. Reduce wasted time in meetings with turbo brainstorming
  4. Reduce wasted ideas in meetings with turbo brainstorming
  5. Reduce defects
  6. Colocate suppliers
  7. Reduce inventory with just-it-time deliveries
  8. Reduce cost
Empower Employees
  1. Build experience with challenging assignments
  2. Encourage and implement suggestions
  3. Stimulate creativity with turbo brainstorming
  4. Provide carreer development with training
  5. Increase customer satisfaction with engaged employees
  6. Reduce cost
Deploy improved processes
  1. Develop IT support systems
  2. Train employees in new process
  3. Speed design of new products and services
  4. Increase market share
  5. Speed delivery of products and services to customers

See also the following related topics

Define client needs more clearly
  1. Define client requirements as a foundation for design, development, change management, testing and success.
  2. Increase client commitment
  3. Reduce specification effort
  4. Speed systems analysis
  5. Analyze alternative proposals
  6. Generate feedback 
  7. Lay foundations for deployment
  • Introduce requirements definition methodology
  • Conduct system feasibility study
  • Clarify client objectives
  • Document system requirements with JAD sessions
  • Specify system components
  • Reengineer the business system
  • Design support information system
  • Implement new system
Design innovative products to delight customer
  1. Improve quality
  2. Reduce maintenance
  3. Improve customer satisfaction
  4. Increase market share
  • Allocate design resources
  • Solve problems openly
  • Create innovative solutions with Breakthrough thinking
  • Borrow best practices
  • Create continuous streams of products
  • Discover superior alternatives
  • Match capacity to demand
  • Evaluate new technologies
  • Integrate design decisions
Speed business and projects with Turbo brainstorming

1-2 days

  1. Build high-performance teams to fast track projects.
  2. Communicate more clearly with clients, team and management.
  3. Speed JAD sessions with Turbo brainstorming.
  4. Design better products - Harness your teams ideas and creativity.
  5. Reduce wasted time in meetings by 60%.
  6. Solve problems faster.
  7. Generate creative solutions to challenges.
  • Process Ideas - where brainstorming fits in.
  • Turbo brainstorming process.
  • Facilitating brainstorming sessions.
  • Concurrent brainstorming.
  • Brainstorm a single topic.
  • Impact Analysis.
  • Brainstorming patterns.
  • Solving problems.
Project Management
8 day program at University of B.C.
2 to 6 days
  1. Evaluate feasibility
  2. Improve project planning skills
  3. Speed project delivery with better planning
  4. Acquire team building skills
  5. Appreciate importance of strategy in planning
  6. Build realistic schedules
  7. Prepare client organizations for deployment
  • Project Initiation - Lay foundations for success
  • Specifications
  • Requirements
  • Designing innovative solutions
  • Procurement Activities
  • Estimating Work effort and Cost
  • Building high-performance teams to fast track projects
  • Managing resources over multiple projects
  • Communicating to Clients and Management
  • Deploying Project Management in your organization
Increase electronic collaboration with Microsoft Project Server with Web Access

3 days


  1. Standardize resource definitions with enterprise resource pool
  2. Centralize project data for reporting and security
  3. Protect project data
  4. Share project data over the internet
  5. Reduce overhead to manage custom  objects especially custom fields.
  6. Capture timesheets from team.
  7. Manage resource workloads.
  • Installing Project server
  • Managing enterprise features with Web Access
  • Setup OLAP Analysis process
  • Database tables in Project Server
  • Define resources in Enterprise resource pool. Build project plans with Project Professional
  • Allocate resources to projects with Resource Manager
  • Manage updates from web clients
  • Analyze resource usage with Portfolio Manager
  • Manage project issues with Sharepoint

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