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Brainstorming speeds problem solving by defining problems and root causes and then generating more creative solutions. Joint problem solving helps build a high-performance teams faster.

Solve Issues and Problem - Steps
  1. Identify problem, issue or risk to solve.                      
      2 Brainstorm solution criteria                  
          3.Explore root causes              
              4.Brainstorm potential solutions. Blend best features to develop better solution.          
                  5.Analyze impact of best solutions      
                      6.Select best alternative  

Follow these steps to solve problems.
1. Identify problem, issue or risk to solve.
  • Desired result, budget range and timeline are achieved
  • Identify clients needs
  • Improve client service through accountability & education
  • Attain profitable solutions
  • Force mgmt to be more specific about requirements
  • Improve customer relations & business experience
2 Brainstorm solution criteria
  • Maximize profitability output
  • Each individual resource will clearly understand what their particular responsibility is
  • Be on time and on budget (clients need achievement)
  • Provide quality service & work
  • More realistic timeline of results / endpoints
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Identify need for resource and funding
  • Reduce cost of projects
  • Define project champions
  • Clarify task resources
  • Save money & resources
  • More efficient work (less busy work)
3.Explore root causes
  • Increase motivation
  • Empower individuals as part of team
  • Create a way to build on each other's knowledge and strengths "less siloing"
4.Brainstorm potential solutions.
  • Faster and cheaper projects (products)
  • Minimum project length with the best results
  • Land key sponsors
  • Blend best features to develop better solution.
5.Analyze impact of best solutions
  • To maintain a constant flow of progress in the project
  • Improve communication breakdown throughout the org.
  • Ownership of responsibilities
  • Reduce the amount of bureaucracy within the department
  • Everyone will be aware of exactly where the project stands at all time
  • Communication with project team and end users
  • Brainstorming
  • Career paths
6.Select best alternative
  • Establish P.M. standards
  • Standardization across depts.
  • Streamline paper trail (one way)
  • Clarify detail/tasks
  • Identify skills (Delegate workload, Increase productivity)
  • Be a mentor to other team members to know about P.M.

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