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Process Mapping with Microsoft Project

We map process by brainstorming steps then capturing those steps in Microsoft Project. Using Microsoft Project allows you to 

  1. capture resource usage for each work step.
  2. capture cycle time.
  3. estimate costs for each work step and each work process.

You see process improvement activities when you analyze cycle times. How long work steps and cycles take. We trained a reengineering team at Canada Corrections to use Microsoft Project to map their processes and they saved $1,000,000 in inventory costs per year.

ISP has mapped several large process within Oil and Gas companies including Year end Capital-budgeting process.

Process Mapping allows you to

  1. Define your processes to capture organizational knowledge.
  2. Analyze cost benefits of introducing improvements by Identifying costs for proposed and current processes.
  3. Identify bottlenecks in your process.

We provide methods and tools for project managers  to accelerate their projects.

ISP ensures project success through proven methods and tools. We learn from the best practices of leading organizations and continuously improve of methods. Training introduces these strategies to an organization. Coaching speeds their adoption. Brainstorming stimulates thinking and unlocks people’s creativity throughout all project phases and activities.

Planning tools like Microsoft Project help capture, manage and communicate decisions associated with project management.

Concurrent documentation supports communication and helps decisions stick. The ISP project management course materials now include a thousand pages of course material.

ISP offers a wide variety of in-house training courses to clients. The most popular are Project Management and Microsoft Project. You can see a detailed agenda for each course by clicking on the course name in the table below:

I.S.P. training and courses
Course NameCourse Learning objectivesCourse Contents
Business Process Improvement
  1. Improve customer satisfaction
  2. Design innovative products
  3. Speed business processes
  4. Reduce process costs
  5. Empower employees
  • Understand the reengineering methodology
  • Mobilize organization for reengineering
  • Build high-performance teams
  • Launch the BPR project
  • Map business processes
  • Generate innovative alternatives
  • Design improved business processes
  • Develop reengineered systems
Accelerate everything with Turbo brainstorming
  1. Build high-performance teams to fast track projects.
  2. Communicate more clearly with clients, team and management.
  3. Speed JAD sessions with Turbo brainstorming.
  4. Design better products - Harness your teams ideas and creativity.
  5. Reduce wasted time in meetings by 60%.
  6. Solve problems faster.
  7. Generate creative solutions to challenges.
  • Process Ideas - where brainstorming fits in.
  • Turbo brainstorming process.
  • Facilitating brainstorming sessions.
  • Concurrent brainstorming.
  • Brainstorm a single topic.
  • Impact Analysis.
  • Brainstorming patterns.
  • Solving problems.

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