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SWOT Analysis

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Brainstorm strength, weakness, Opportunity and Threat analysis

Use SWOT analysis used in strategic planning sessions. 

In a three-day strategic planning session, you can cover twenty to thirty topics using turbo brainstorming. SWOT analysis would be just four.

Post flipcharts for each topic in SWOT analysis.

Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

These topics can be brainstormed concurrently.

1. Brainstorm Strengths

Examples of strengths  include: Brand name, and .

2. Brainstorm Weaknesses

Examples of weaknesses include: process inefficiency and product obsolescence.

3. Brainstorm Opportunities

Identifying opportunities important aspect of Strategy.

Examples of opportunities  include:

4. Brainstorm Threats

Examples of threats include: Competitors, Shifting market demand, Market shrinkage, Pricing, .

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