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Strategic Planning

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Plan, facilitate and document Strategic Planning sessions

Most strategic planning sessions involve senior managers who may have gathered from widely different locations so you want to make the most effective use of their time and promote communications to achieve maximum results. 

ISP helps plan, facilitate and document strategic planning sessions ranging from one day to five days. Intensive planning effort. In a one day session we can cover 8 to ten topics. In a five day session, we can cover forty to fifty topics.  We create detailed agendas with discussion of best sequence to order topics and where to place topics in the day. A topic may consist of a brainstorming session, a presentation or a group exercise.

In a three-day strategic planning session, you can cover twenty to thirty topics using turbo brainstorming.

Strategic Planning Success Stories

Placer Dome Strategic planning session

Placer Dome wanted to standardize their mining engineering systems information system. They assembled a team of mining engineers from their mines around the world to explore opportunities develop a strategic plan. 5 days + 12 engineers + 1 facilitator + 1 scribe. Agenda was about 50 pages with 2 page per day and handouts. We covered thirty topics in four days. Scribe wrote up results and we produced a 150 page handout for each participant.

Intrawest Accelerates Strategic Planning

One young lady from Intrawest attended my class. Following the class, they attended a 2-day Brainstorming session with two facilitators without achieving significant results. Her manager wanted a 2 hour meeting to discuss what happened. She volunteered to organize and run the meeting using Turbo brainstorming principles. They covered 12 concurrent  topics and manager observed he learned more in the two hour meeting than in the two day session. She won the employee of the month award for her efforts.

North Shore Health

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